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 "From Sand to Sensation"

Asfour Crystal has dedicated itself to being a benchmark of quality.
It has taken us years of dedication and passion and our awareness of perfection
To forge a unique path towards mastery. We aim to keep shining
Crystal industry by reaching new heights of excellence, guided by wise management."

Walid Asfour

Crystal Trading Est

Crystal Trading Est. It is one of the most important facilities in the Gulf region. Our strength stems from our managerial competence and creative strategies as well as our own work culture and availability of financial resources.
Crystal focuses its capabilities on developing successful business relationships with international companies being the exclusive agent of Asfour Crystal International.
Crystal, operates in Saudi Arabia through showrooms and project offices. Each branch has its own sales, marketing and design team as well as transportation, installation and support services. There is no doubt that this gives us a great advantage in experience in project management and implementation, whatever its size and value.
Our professional, highly qualified and experienced staff is always ready to provide technical support and consultation to meet all your needs including pre-sales and post-sales service.
In fact, the secret of our success comes from our loyalty, close cooperation with our customers and their confidence in our ability to meet their needs.
A quick look at our project will be a sufficient proof of our amazing achievements

Crystal Asfour

Crystal Asfour is a globally recognized name synonymous with unique quality and decades of dedication. Once expressed, the words of Crystal Sparrow bring to mind images of fine cutting, unparalleled clarity, and a colorful and bright sparkle. With more than 50 years of experience in crystal manufacturing, it's easy to see why.
Since its inception in 1961, Crystal Asfour has had a deep-rooted dedication to quality that is in line with innovation. Over the years, the company has grown from a modest workspace of 2,200 square meters with 200 craftsmen and simple and basic production tools to become today's largest producer and exporter of full lead crystal worldwide.
This global reputation is one we cherish and are constantly working to maintain.
Asfour Crystal boasts a production capacity of more than 100 tons per day of crystal, providing the world with the finest transparent and colorful crystals that guarantee their shine forever. Asfour Crystal is the leading international manufacturer in this field at present.
Based on a construction area of more than 1.2 million square meters and employing more than 28,000 carefully selected employees and highly talented craftsmen, Crystal Asfour has the real treasures to trade within the walls of its factory. Asfour's highly skilled workers and artists use the most advanced tools and techniques in the field to create the brightest and purest crystals in the world for countless applications and uses.
It is noteworthy and proud for us that most of the tools and machines used in our factories have been designed, developed and manufactured by Asfour crystal for Asfour crystal.
Simply put, Crystal Sparrow is a legacy of luxurious crystal that illuminates the world.
Today Crystal Asfour:
# World's largest lead crystal producer
# World's largest built crystal production facility
# World's largest solo employer for skilled crystal artisans and women
# The most widely used crystal brand in the world by major European and international chandelier manufacturers