Who are we?

Who are we?

Crystal Company started its business since 1996 (1417) in the trade and manufacture of lighting units specialized in chandeliers, lanterns, murals, garden lighting and public lighting interior and exterior of various types, designs and sizes and continued to provide comprehensive solutions and services to its customers. Through its long experience - praise be to God - and the efforts of its managers and trained employees, the loyalty and trust of its customers, crystal company was able to develop the public taste in the field of distinguished lighting until Crystal has now become the most famous lighting company in the region. We have benefited from being the comprehensive agent of the giant and well-known company in the field of crystal and chandeliers (Asfour Crystal International Company).

Thanks to God, the crystal company was able to put its distinctive touches in many palaces, villas, houses, mosques, various celebration halls, hotel projects, housing projects, commercial projects and other projects. In fact, we have a long list of clients, large companies and celebrities who own such projects, as well as public and private families known as distinguished customers of Crystal Company who have found what satisfies their needs, desires and high taste.


Crystal is known as one of the largest institutions in its field with distinguished professionalism and high quality throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.


Crystal Foundation aims to achieve superior benefits to its valued customers by providing them with distinctive products and services and maintaining their development to provide its customers and employers with unlimited support to achieve their prosperity and well-being.